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By TestimonyTv | May 29, 2024

Don't Quit Poem

When the night feels endless, and hope seems far away,

When the burdens you carry grow heavier each day,

Remember this promise, hold it tight and don't forget,

No matter what you're facing, rise up and don't quit.

When whispers of doubt echo loud in your mind,

When the path ahead seems too hard to find,

Lean on your courage, let your spirit be lit,

Through every storm and shadow, stand tall and don't quit.

When the world feels against you, and friends disappear,

When you're battling demons of worry and fear,

Know that within you, there's a fire brightly lit,

With faith as your armor, push forward and don't quit.

When you're weary and broken, tired and torn,

When the weight of the world leaves you feeling worn,

Lift your eyes to the heavens, where your strength will be fit,

For every trial you conquer, you prove you don't quit.

In moments of darkness, when you're tempted to fall,

In the silence of sorrow, when you can't see at all,

Remember each struggle, each trial you've met,

Is shaping your journey, so stand firm and don't quit.

For life is a battle, a journey, a fight,

And victory belongs to those who ignite,

The power within them, the unbreakable grit,

To face every challenge, and steadfastly, don't quit.