National Day of Service in Washington DC. at Ideal Academy Public Charter School on TestimonyTv

By TestimonyTv | Apr 30, 2013
The most exciting and beautiful event occurred spontaneously when high school students who came from across the United States to volunteer rendered their service by singing to us. Under the direction of Reverend Liza Joy Marcato, Priest of the Christian Community in New York, they performed a highly spiritual concert.

Rev Liza Joy Marcato directing our inspiring youth

We were so moved that the group invited Tim's mother, his children and me to join them in singing. Mrs. Arissa Stanfill was so thrilled to be a part of this concert that she started singing a solo. While all this was happening, Tim recognized this golden moment and started filming us for his television program ( He interviewed Priest Marcato while I was taking photos.

Even though President Obama and Michelle were at another charter school painting, we still had a grand time. At the end of the day, we all could say we served our community on this National Day of Service in Washington D.C.

She stressed serving your community by doing whatever needs to be done. We were really eager to provide service at Ideal Academy Public Charter School, ( a school that President Obama thinks so highly of.