Pastor Timothy Stanfill Interview on Men 2 Men Show Part 3 on Dominion TV in Ghana

By TestimonyTv | Nov 01, 2023

Pastor Timothy Stanfill Interview on Men 2 Men Show Part 3 on Dominion TV in Ghana 

Timothy Stanfill's Interview 

Behind every athlete, there’s a journey. It’s a journey that can discourage most of us. But Timothy Stanfill managed to realize that his place was not with
the NBA and score!

Over fifteen years ago, Timothy “Tim” Stanfill's journey began. As a young man he entertained crowds with his explosive slam dunks and lived a life that only sports can offer...Tim chose basketball to make his start.

The jeers and disappointment started while playing high school basketball, at Commerce High School in his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts, missing slam dunks. He quickly realized that to be good in this sport he would need more mentoring and motivation from the coaches and players he admired the most. Tough lessons and many hours of practice served as motivation that would change his life forever. Before graduating from

high school in Petersburg, Virginia he became best remembered for his explosive basketball skills, particularly his slam dunk. Crowd jeers turned into applause and adoration. Although aggressively recruited by Division II colleges, Tim was confident that his ability merited the attention of Division I level schools, so he refused many offers.

In 1983, Ronnie Highsmith invited Tim to play in the Georgetown University Kenner summer league. This served as the opportunity of a lifetime. He led the league in scoring and slam dunks, and this caught the attention of The University of the District of Columbia’s head coach, Will Jones. Tim went on to lead UDC and the division in scoring and became known for his

“kick the backboard” play.

It has been more than ten years since we first saw Tim Stanfill slam dunk and learned of his dream to play in the NBA. Dreams were mostly all he had then. As we reflect on those days, we know that Tim was testing smaller versions of his dreams, preparing for the journey ahead. In his heart, Tim wants his organization, The National Dunking Association of America (NDAA) to make
a difference in the lives of young people; shaping and molding the athletes of tomorrow...a tomorrow he feels is very close at hand.